Commercial History

Ultrasonic energy has already been used on a large scale for years, typically at water treatment facilities as the most effective way to ensure clean drinking water. Now the same technology is available right on your countertop! Ultrasonic waves impact liquids through cavitation: micro-pockets of pressure within the liquid which shift throughout and eventually collapse upon themselves. While this all happens at the molecular level, the effect is incredible. Smoother wines, infused spirits and delicious coffee, in a matter of seconds.

Science of Flavor

Inexpensive wines are often cheap for a reason. They haven’t been given the same opportunity as their pricey counterparts to age and mellow. This means that harmless but high PH waste gases, like oxygen and sulfur dioxide (SO2), remain suspended in the wine, resulting in an acidic flavor. The cavitational effect of sonn removes these gases, while also breaking down tannins for a smoother sip of your new favorite wine.